One primary goal of the Student Ministry at MPCC is to partner with parents.

What does that mean? Well, we want to work with parents as we all disciple students. Parents generally want their kids to be growing in their relationship with Jesus and so does the Student Ministry at MPCC. Together, we can make sure that students are on the right path towards growth. 

We have found that partnering with parents takes 3 main forms: clear and consistent communication, tools and resources, and peace of mind.

We want parents to know what is happening here. Communication is more than just a calendar. We want you to know what we are challenging your kids with at group and how you can build on that at home. Communication goes both ways. We want parents to be open about what their child is facing and how we can help.

 We also want to place tools and resources in the hands of parents to help them parent better. Kids do not come with an instruction manual and parenting is difficult to say the least. We want to provide you with ariticles, videos, and other resources developed by experts in family ministry to help you be the best parent for your child. 

Finally, every parent wants the peace of mind of knowing their child is safe. Parents need to know there is a plan in the worst case scenarios and policies to assure their child's safety. We are dedicated to safety and we want parents to know it! 

This page exists to provide parents with the communication, resources, and peace of mind they desire.

Check back often to see how we are partnering with parents.

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We want to make sure your children are safe.

One of the best tools we have to ensuring their safety is up-to-date medical information and liability waivers. Please take a moment and fill out the electronic Medical Information and Liability/Media Waiver. Having this information on file makes sure we have a way of providing help in an emergency.

If you are unsure if you have filled this form out or need to update information please contact Garrett LeVault.

Need help with discipline?

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