National Missions


Click here to learn more about Illini Christian Ministries located in Champaign, Illinois.

The Mission of Illini Christian Ministries is to glorify God by partnering with churches, organizations and individuals to maintain, restore and empower His families to wholeness through a variety of community-based Christian social services.

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Click here to learn more about Inner City Mission located in Springfield, Illinois.

Inner City Mission provides shelter, sustenance, education and Christian counseling to homeless children, their parents and single women while keeping Biblical truths about godly righteousness before our culture, community, and fellow Christians.

You can also follow Inner City Mission on Facebook.

Click here to learn more about Lincoln Christian University located in Lincoln, Illinois.

Lincoln Christian University is a Christian higher education community whose mission is to nurture and equip Christians with a Biblical worldview to serve and lead in the church and the world. The principal means they use to accomplish this mission are teaching, learning, leading, and serving through undergraduate and graduate programs.

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