Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School classes meet at 9:45 in both the sanctuary building and Family Life Center (FLC).  These are the teachers and location of each class:

  • Pat Straumann’s class meets in the classroom behind the baptistery of the sanctuary building at 9:15.
  • Jacob Wilson's class meets in the prayer room in the sanctuary foyer.
  • Mark Weber’s class meets in the dining area of the Family Life Center.
  • Tad Blacketer's class meets in the basement of the sanctuary building behind the kitchen.
  • Hannah Blacketer's class (Woman's Study) meets in the library of the sanctuary building.
  • Wyatt Waterkotte's class meets in the conference room of the Family Life Center.
  • Casey & Jen McCormick's (Young Adults) class meets upstairs in the hallway of the Family Life Center.
  • College-Age Class (age 18-25) meets upstairs in the hallway of the Family Life Center.

Let the church office know if you are interested in any of these classes and we will contact you.

Small Groups

Several small groups meet weekly either in homes or at the church.   This is a great opportunity to grow deeper in your faith through Bible Study and Christian fellowship.  Please contact Mark Weber or the church office about getting involved in one of these groups.

Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry attends and leads various events throughout the year.

Women's Ministry

The women's ministry attends various conferences throughout the year.  Women's Bible studies are also organized through this ministry.  

Senior Adults and Friends

The Senior Adults and Friends ministry attends various conferences, concerts, luncheons, and special events throughout the year.  During the school year, Connecting Spot meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month for lunch, entertainment, and a devotion beginning 11:30 a.m.  Please contact Mark Weber for further information about this ministry.