A Message From Our Leadership

An Update From the Leadership Concerning our Student Minister Search

MPCC Members,

Unlike many of the recent posts, this note is for those who have placed their membership at the Mt. Pulaski Christian Church.

Last Sunday, March 15, we shared the following announcement in our program:

"We are excited to announce on Sunday, March 29 at the close of both the 8:30 & 10:45am service, we will be asking for your approval to have Nathan Sowers become our next student minister at MPCC. All present members of our congregation are eligible to vote. If you have any questions please contact the church office."

As you have probably heard, we will not be gathering together on Sundays until things change. But, Nathan had already committed to starting June 1. He is moving from Missouri, and really needs this to become official very soon so that he can move forward in the process.

In Article 5, Section B of our By-laws it states: “The hiring of all full-time paid ministerial staff shall be done by consensus of the active eldership and affirmation of the congregation.”

We are not taking this lightly and really want to do what is appropriate for both Nathan and his wife, Annette, as well as the congregation. We have already had a time for the congregation to come meet Nathan and Annette, they visited both Sunday worship services, and they have attended multiple youth groups gatherings. In light of all of this and our current circumstances, we need to make an adjustment in how we receive affirmation. We aren’t able to do this online as we have to know this is done by members only.

So, if anyone has any concerns about hiring Nathan Sowers, please let any of the Elders or Casey know by Sunday, March 29 at noon. At that point, we will have to decide based on what we have (or haven’t) heard and will consider moving forward by offering him a contract that week.

Michael Copley Elder (217) 414-7810
Myron Oesch Elder (217) 791-2447
Rob Pal Elder (217) 871-8707
Ryan Mott Elder (217) 871-3450
Casey McCormick Lead Minister (217) 331-8471

The Elders and Casey