International Missionaries

Lazarus Fish
Myanmar Agape Christian Mission (Myanmar)

MACM's overall vision for the future is seeing the country of Myanmar, along with bordering areas of China, as a place where God is worshipped and Christ is followed by a growing number of Christians and churches are increasing in number and maturity.

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Johnny and Janelle
SE Asia

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Norm & Jill
Pioneer Bible Translators (Papua New Guinea)

Norm is the current language director and oversees all the Bible translation, literacy and Scripture Impact projects which are being done in 16 languages within the Madang and East Sepik Province. Pray for this work to continue making progress so that God's Word will speak to the people of PNG in their heart languages.

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Jon and Jenny Gainer

In their ministry they have run English courses, English Bible studies, taught in the public schools, taught in factories, run English Camps, and even worked one-on-one. They see English as a conduit for building relationships, so that their students would come into a life give relationship with the living God.

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Yuma and Sally
Mustard Seed (Japan)

Yuma and Sally Tarui are native Japanese, born and raised in Osaka. Yuma was baptized in 2012 despite having at one time rejected Christianity for philosophical reasons. Although she had not been interested in Christianity, Sally became a Christian in 2015 when she was moved by the love of God through her Christian friends. In a society that promotes people to pursue their own desire and freedom, Yuma and Sally have been discovering the beauty of being a slave of righteousness in God through their marriage, fellowship with church’s people, and relationship to society. They are eager to tell other Japanese people about the gospel to help them find true happiness. Other Japanese people have witnessed the truth through their godly marriage because it’s not unusual that for Japanese families to be dysfunctional and people have very low expectations for marriage. God has given Yuma a gift to proclaim the gospel boldly from the pulpit and to influence his listeners in every aspect of life with his philosophical mind. God has given Sally a gift to love children and allows her to work as the director of children’s ministry at Mustard Seed Christian Church Osaka.

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